What To Do If Your Furnace Stops Working.

What to do if your furnace stops working.

When you live in Edmonton, you know that our winters can be long and harsh.

Your furnace will be working hard to keep you warm and comfortable during the holidays and the new year. If you aren’t scheduling regular furnace maintenance, your furnace may be at risk for complications. If the unexpected happens and your furnace stops working, we have created this guide to help you troubleshoot the problem and stay warm until you find the solution or professional furnace experts arrive.

Common Issues You Can Check Yourself.

You can double-check a few things on your furnace yourself before you call in an expert. Most of these suggestions involve simple steps that anyone can do.

Is Your Thermostat Working Correctly?

First, check to see if your thermostat is working correctly. Is the display on? Does it need new batteries? You can manually test a thermostat by having a friend or family member positioned by the furnace while you’re placed at the thermostat. Gradually increase the heat setting on the thermostat and see if both the furnace and thermostat make a sound. The device that doesn’t make a sound could be where to start looking for the issue.

Is the Circuit Breaker Flipped?

Next, check your circuit breaker. Sometimes a power surge will trip the circuit breaker and require you to reset it. Once you adjust the circuit breaker, try and turn the furnace back on. Sometimes, restricted airflow can cause the heating system to work harder and trip the circuit breaker. A dirty air filter, a bent flex duct, or blockages in the air vents might also be the cause and could require professional maintenance.

Are Your Vents Blocked?

Finally, check around the house to ensure all of your heat registers are open and all of your cold air returns are not being blocked by a couch or a pile of laundry. Some homes will even have small filters in each supply register or return air grill. Airflow is always an issue we are dealing with in the HVAC industry. Just like changing your furnace filter regularly to ensure air flow is clear, if the air can’t get in or out of your HVAC system, you can have similar problems to a dirty air filter.

If you have tried the above suggestions and the furnace still doesn’t turn back on, you will require an emergency furnace repair service.

Ignite Heating & Air Conditioning is a proud supplier of Napoleon Home Comfort Products! Our technicians are available to help advise you on what Napoleon furnace model would best suit your needs and environment.

What Can Happen When Your Furnace Stops Working.

Beyond creating extreme discomfort for your family, an unheated house can seriously damage the integrity of your home and belongings.

Water damage is one of the most destructive and costly problems to have with your home. When temperatures are below freezing, pipes can freeze and burst, leading to flooding that significantly damages your home and belongings. Electronics can also be heavily affected by icy weather, even if they aren’t affected by water damage.

LCD screens on TV and computer monitors can have lag or images burned into the screen, and smartphone batteries tend to drain much quicker in the harsh cold.

How to Stay Warm in an Emergency.

If your furnace doesn’t turn on in the cold winter, you should schedule an emergency repair with the Ignite team. In the meantime, here are a few tips on how to stay warm while you’re waiting for emergency repairs:

  • Bundle up – Wear warmer clothing and layer them if you have to. Ideally, you will want to wear a sweater, a flannel or fleece shirt, thicker socks, thermal undershirts, and other clothing to keep you warm.
  • Pile on blankets – Layer as many blankets as you can — ideally flannel or fleece — and slip up under the covers to stay warm and cozy while waiting for repairs.
  • Use an electric space heater – Electric space heaters are an affordable and efficient way to heat your space if your furnace breaks down. You can also use heating pads and blankets if you do not have a space heater.
  • Lay down area rugs – If your home has tiles or hardwood flooring, area rugs or blankets on the floor will help your space retain heat.
  • Fire up the fireplace – If your home has a gas or wood burning fireplace, fire that up! Whether the fireplace is new or old they are a great source of heat. If you have a gas fireplace that does not have a small blower fan to push the warm air into your home we can help you with that too!

Emergency Furnace Repair in Edmonton

A working furnace is crucial to enduring the unforgiving Edmonton winters. If you require emergency furnace repair, we at Ignite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. offer emergency repair services in Sherwood Park and the Edmonton area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our furnace technicians service and repair all makes and models and keep minor parts stocked in our vans so that we’re always ready for your call.

Stay on top of your furnace maintenance, and book your service appointment today!