Furnace Replacement Edmonton & Sherwood Park, AB

At Ignite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd., replacing old furnaces and heating equipment has been a major part of our business since 2010.

 We are known for our professionalism, expertise and customer service – garnering many five-star ratings from our customers. We handle all types of furnace replacement for residential and commercial customers.

We are an authorized Napoleon® dealer and installer, meaning customers have access to the best gas furnaces made here in Canada. These furnaces all come with a full 10-year parts and labour warranty. With Ignite, you get knowledgeable HVAC experts who have worked on a wide range of furnace replacements. Our vast experience translates to having an intrinsic understanding of your home’s heating and cooling. You’ll appreciate the quality of our work and be amazed at the performance of your new furnace.

High-efficiency Furnace Replacement

As an authorized installer and dealer for Napoleon® furnaces, we can offer our customers best-in-class performance and efficiency. The latest furnace designs are designed to heat your home efficiently and quietly. In some cases, a new furnace replacement will operate 60% more efficiently than a decade older model! This is because of advancements in energy efficiency with Napoleon® furnaces operating with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 95-97%. This means that they are converting the majority of their energy into heat. In the end, both the customer and environment win, with lower heating costs and reduced emissions.

The great thing about Napoleon® furnaces is that not only are they among the best rated in the industry; they also sport attractive designs and functionality. We can offer the full range of Napoleon® furnaces from their practical 9500-series to the multi-stage motor 9600 and 9700 series.

In replacing a furnace, our technicians will assess the ideal size and model of furnace for your home. We can make changes to duct systems and will let you know if changes are recommended.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and respect your space. Our furnace technicians will be unobtrusive and keep all work areas tidy and clear of debris. Contact us today to enjoy the comfort, quiet and lower operating cost of a replacement furnace.

When should you replace a furnace?

The majority of furnaces that are ten years and older tend to operate very inefficiently. Consider that a replacement furnace can operate 60% more efficiently than an old furnace, which translates to significant savings over time.

A furnace is one of those appliances that are designed to be robust and last. The problem is that the issues with them can go unnoticed for a time. Gradually, the furnace can degrade, costing you each year as it eats up utilities unnecessarily due to inefficiency. Also, they can get noisier over time and can become a real nuisance, even disrupting sleep. In the worst cases, a furnace will be pushed to its limits and fail during one of our Albertan winter cold snaps.

When it comes to furnace replacement, Ignite has the technicians in Sherwood Park and Edmonton who can determine the best course of action to ensure your home has proper heating. Our technicians are certified in furnace replacements and have years of experience in many different situations. We will let you know your options so you can decide if a furnace should be replaced or repaired.

Here are some critical signs that it is time to replace your furnace:

  • High-energy bills
  • frequent service calls
  • Noise including rattling, humming and squealing noises from the furnace motor
  • Inconsistent heating through the home
  • Burner flames show as yellow instead of blue, which can mean that your furnace has issues with combustion or leaking. Contact us immediately if this is occurring

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