Air Conditioner Installation Edmonton & Sherwood Park

We have received acclaim in providing quality AC installation and excellent customer service

Ignite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. is an authorized Napoleon® dealer and installer of air conditioning units. Napoleon® is known for its Canadian-made central air conditioners that can deliver class-leading, efficient performance. Ignite carries its full range of NT Series central AC units that will provide your home with clean, cool air. All our Napoleon® air conditioning systems come with a full 10-year parts warranty.

Deciding on an AC installation

Over time the performance of our air conditioning systems can become compromised due to deterioration, leaks, and poor maintenance. Sometimes these issues go unnoticed, and in other cases, it is readily apparent that there are problems.

Increasingly, Albertans rely on air conditioning to keep cool in the summer months to work and live comfortably in their homes. A modern air conditioner installation can more effectively cut down the heat with prolonged heat waves while remaining efficient.

When should you get an air conditioner installed?

  • You don’t have an existing AC install and your home is unbearably hot
  • Your current AC unit is older than a decade
  • Certain rooms in your home don’t seem to be as cool as others
  • Your air conditioner requires frequent maintenance
  • Your AC system makes bothersome noises

While AC units can be repaired, it may make sense for a complete replacement as today’s modern, efficient air conditioners can be installed at very reasonable rates. Additionally, your new unit will help you save money on utility bills. They also generate less noise, so getting a quiet night’s rest or doing productivity tasks can be easier in your cool room. Essentially, you can accomplish more and rest better with a professional air conditioner installation.

Your heating and air conditioning system are the most significant factors in terms of comfort and utility costs for your home. Our expert technicians will assess your air conditioning system to determine the best course of action and provide you with options

Should you require an air conditioner installation, our experienced team will ensure proper sizing, selection, installation, and maintenance. A/C installation is a complex task that our certified technicians best carry out.