Emergency No Heat Furnace Repair Edmonton & Sherwood Park, AB

At Ignite, we are a full-service heating and cooling company that provides furnace repairs and maintenance to any make and model.

If your heating system fails, it can be a difficult situation, especially during our Alberta winters. The experts at Ignite Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. will help you out with emergency furnace repair.

As experienced HVAC technicians, we have provided furnace repair in Sherwood Park and the Edmonton area since 2010. We have encountered almost every type of furnace repair problem that you could imagine. In most cases, we only need a quick assessment of your system to understand what the issue is. While sometimes there are simple solutions, we highly recommend that you do not undertake the job yourself as you may misdiagnose the issue and possibly make it worse. We will save you time and headache and get your furnace repaired and working as quickly as possible.

Additionally, your furnace may be covered under a service contract that requires certified technicians to execute the repair. In addition to extensive training, Ignite service vans carry the right tools for furnace repair. We also can source parts for multiple different makes and models.

The most common problems with furnace systems:

The furnace provides no heat at all

In the coldest months, having no heat in from your furnace is the most severe problem. Often, customers will wake up in the morning to find that their home is freezing cold. In these situations, we recommend you call us immediately for an emergency furnace repair so that your home and family are kept safe.

In some cases, it could be a simple problem such as a faulty thermostat or the pilot light is not lit. In other cases, there is a malfunction with the primary burner, control board or flame sensor.

Have a furnace repair professional from Ignite help you solve the problem. Our technicians can make repairs on all makes and models, and we have access to a large inventory of parts.

We will strive to make repairs and will always advise you on your options. If your furnace needs to be replaced, it could be an opportunity to give your home a modern, efficient gas furnace from Napoleon®. We provide free quotes on furnace repair and replacement.

Insufficient or inconsistent heat

If you notice that your house is no longer heated evenly throughout, it could be a sign of a malfunctioning furnace system. Furnaces can stop working for many reasons, including wear and tear (especially if the unit is 15 years and older). First, check to ensure that your home’s insulation is adequate and that there isn’t a leak. In some cases, the issue may be with a home’s circulation fans that help move the heated air throughout the levels. If you are concerned about your heating system, make sure to contact us.

Heat cycling

As part of regular furnace operation, you’ll notice that the unit will turn on and off at regular intervals. This cycling is a normal part of operation; however, if a system turns on and off more frequently than usual, it will make the system less efficient and increase your gas utility bill. It is essential to keep your furnace filter clean, but in some cases, the issue may be due to a problem with the thermostat or motor.

Let us help you get out of the cold. If you are experiencing an emergency ‘no-heat’ event give us a call.