The Ignite Comfort Club furnace maintenance program

A reliable solution to keep your home heated throughout the year. 

You home’s heating system works especially hard during extreme temperatures and ensuring effective operation requires regular checkups and maintenance.  We recommend annual maintenance for your furnace that can bring significant benefits to your home and wallet.

Lower the cost of utility bills

A furnace that is running in its peak condition is one that is operating more efficiently and ultimately uses less energy and fuel to heat your home. Our technicians will inspect your furnace and if required make any necessary repairs and tuneups to see that you continue to receive financial benefits.

Better air quality and healthier home environment

Your furnace makes use of an air filter to remove contaminants, but it needs to be replaced periodically in order to work properly. A clean filter that is free of dust and debris will allow your furnace to operate more efficiently and effectively, removing contaminants and unwanted particulate matter from your home. Not only will efficiency save you operating costs, but also improve the air quality of your home which can even help alleviate allergies symptoms.

Longer operating life for your furnace investment

Just like we would a vehicle or prized possessions, taking care of your furnace will mean you will get a longer service life and better return on investment. Having to replace a furnace unnecessarily can be expensive, especially if this has to be done often. With the Ignite Comfort Club maintenance program, you can extend the life of your furnace and enjoy it for many years.

Improved safety

When our technicians inspect your furnace we also check related electrical, gas, combustion and ventilation systems for potential leaks, fissures or cracks. Sometimes even small issues can lead to hazardous gas or carbon monoxide leaks – putting you and your loved ones at risk. Regular maintenance can help spot these issues before they occur. 

Avoid costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns 

The last thing you want during the peak of the winter months is to have a breakdown which will leave you in the cold but could also be costly and lead to other issues. Regular furnace maintenance can give homeowners confidence in their heating system, so you can enjoy your home without hassle or worry. Our technicians will spot potential problems and fix them before they lead to serious problems. 

Joining the Ignite Comfort Club and choose a plan that works best for you. Don’t miss out on these benefits and treat your furnace right!