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Why You Should Maintenance Your Furnace For Fall

It is time to maintenance your furnace for fall. We know... The dreaded words.  Double checking everything is up to date and the safest that it can be can save you big money. Many people don’t think about furnace systems like this, but preseason furnace inspections are just like car ...
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How To Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

    There’s nothing worse than struggling to fall asleep or having a restless night. The next day you feel exhausted and it’s much harder to get anything done. If you struggle to fall asleep at night, the temperature of your room could be making it more difficult. When trying ...
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5 Tips and Tricks For Running Your A/C Unit

Getting an air conditioning unit is an investment. Properly maintaining your AC will allow it to last longer and work more efficiently, protecting your investment. We understand that not everyone is an HVAC technician, however, we all deserve to know how to get the most out of our air conditioners ...
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3 Ways to Reduce Home Allergens

Spring is here and so are seasonal allergies. Airborne allergens are carried through the air and travel into your home, causing you and your family discomfort. Pollen, dust, and mold particles settle on surfaces then get picked up and travel through the air you breathe. This poor air quality can ...
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How To Prepare Your Home For A Comfortable Summer

The weather is starting to warm up after a long, cold winter and we need to prepare for the heat. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as the sticky, sweaty feeling of a house that’s too hot. Are you’re tired of being unable to cook inside your house? Or attempting ...
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A/C and Furnace Financing Options With Ignite!

  Are you thinking about replacing your furnace or installing an air conditioning unit, but the initial payments can be difficult to handle? At Ignite we recognize the financial impact the pandemic has had on homeowners.  We understand how difficult it may be to make large investments right now.  We ...
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5 Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Most homeowners in Edmonton and surrounding area know just how important furnace and furnace maintenance is for bearing the cold winter months.  We rely on our heating systems to keep us warm and safe, but often forget how hard our furnaces are working and that they require regular furnace maintenance ...
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ready for fall

Prepare Your HVAC System For Fall

Yes, it's the dreaded F-word. We are talking about FALL. It will be here before we know it, and with the upcoming cool weather, you will want to make sure that your HVAC system is ready for the heat to kick on when you need it to. Most of the ...
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air conditioner installation

What Can You Expect During An Air Conditioner Install?

Are you thinking about getting an air conditioner installed in your home? Would you like to know what you can expect when Ignite Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. comes to your home to install an air conditioner? Let's explore what you can expect when you get your very own A/C ...
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Ductless Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

Ductless Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners

Napoleon ductless heat pumps and air conditioners are able to heat or cool your home without a duct system. These ductless systems can be ideal in a variety of applications including whole-house heating and cooling. Ductless systems have two key components, an indoor wall mount unit and an outdoor unit ...
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