Why You Should Maintenance Your Furnace For Fall

Furnace Maintenance

It is time to maintenance your furnace for fall. We know… The dreaded words.  Double checking everything is up to date and the safest that it can be can save you big money. Many people don’t think about furnace systems like this, but preseason furnace inspections are just like car tune-ups; you need to stay on top of them to avoid potential unnecessary costs in the future. Although you may not need your furnace in September(but with Alberta weather… we never know), an inspected furnace means that there is less chance that you will find critical issues with your furnace when you are relying on it! 


Why furnace maintenance Is Important?

Proper maintenance and inspections on your furnace is pivotal to ensuring that your home is all set to fight off even the worst of the Alberta winter temperatures. Luckily, Ignite Heating has got you covered! Our experts provide comprehensive maintenance and inspection services in Sherwood Park and the surrounding areas! 


Believe it or not, there are many benefits to having your furnace serviced in the fall! A furnace that is maintained and regularly serviced is able to perform faster and use less effort on the machine. This means that your furnace will not be using as much energy to function properly, which can impact your monthly energy bill(in the good kind of way). This furnace efficiency also improves overall comfort in the home by not leaving any rooms cool. 


With regular maintenance, clients also are able to have additional comfort knowing that there is far less of a risk of a breakdown. Did you know that many seasonal furnace breakdowns can be traced back to air flow or component health issues? These breaks can be frustrating and stressful, but can be addressed and solved during inspection! 


Having frequent inspections can also add a longer service time to your furnace! Regular maintenance can help preserve your furnace while still being a safe option. 


Ready for a fall furnace inspection? Contact your local Ignite team to set up an appointment today!