How To Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

How To Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature

There’s nothing worse than struggling to fall asleep or having a restless night. The next day you feel exhausted and it’s much harder to get anything done. If you struggle to fall asleep at night, the temperature of your room could be making it more difficult. When trying to fall asleep, no one wants to be freezing cold or hot and sweaty. Everyone has their own optimal sleep temperature. Figuring out what yours is will positively impact your sleep.

Age does not typically have an impact on the ideal sleep temperature. However, babies generally prefer slightly warmer temperatures to sleep. If your optimal sleep temperature is quite cool, consider raising it slightly if you have a baby in the home. 

A common preferred sleep temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius. However, this is not the case for everyone. To find your optimal sleeping temperature, try adjusting the temperature slightly each night and monitor how you sleep. To conduct the most accurate temperature tests, try not to change any other factors. 

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How to know if you’ve found your optimal sleep temperature.

Depending on your internal thermostat, your optimal sleep temperature may be different from others. To recognize if you have found the right temperature for you, look for signs that your body responds well. This includes falling asleep faster, sleeping throughout the night, and feeling well rested the next day. An improved sleeping pattern and ability to fall asleep easily will indicate that you have found your ideal sleeping temperature.

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How to maintain that temperature every night.

Once you have found your optimal sleep temperature, you will want to maintain it every night. Installing a smart thermostat is a great way to maintain your sleeping pattern. It allows you to easily adjust the temperature in your home to achieve your optimal sleep temperature. You can also program your thermostat to automatically set your ideal temperature at a certain hour. Have the Ignite team install the thermostat that best suits your needs. With options including wifi and voice activated remote thermostats and basic user-friendly non-programmable options, we have something for everyone.

If you like it cool when you sleep, you may not be able to achieve your optimal sleeping temperature in the summer months. To maintain your optimal sleep temperature year round, consider investing in an air conditioner to keep your home cool on hot summer nights. The Ignite team can install a high efficiency AC unit to keep your house cool. We will plan before installing the AC to ensure the unit is properly sized for your house and will keep each room cool. This will allow the entire family to maintain an optimal sleeping temperature. 

Contact your local Ignite team to install an AC or thermostat to help you maintain your optimal sleep temperature every night. 

Let us know what your optimal sleep temperature is!