Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Residential Garage Heater

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As part of your wider residential heating, it’s easy to overlook extra spaces like garages. After all, you mainly use it for storing things, so why bother heating it? Well, our Ignite team is here to tell you that heating your garage has some seriously awesome perks. A residential garage heater can be beneficial for numerous reasons. Our team is here for your installation needs, and here’s why you should get one.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Residential Garage Heater

1. It keeps your car ready to go

If you park your car in the garage, it helps to keep it warm. Garages often lack the same insulation as homes, meaning that a car parked in a garage can still get icy. But having a residential garage heater means no more ice scraping or leaving your car to warm up in the mornings! It is a win-win!

2. It’s safer overall

There are plenty of reasons why a garage heater is safer than the alternatives. First, it saves you using a gas heater, which can kick out potentially dangerous fumes. Similarly, it saves you from running your engine in an enclosed space, which can lead to a build-up of carbon monoxide.

3. They’re surprisingly affordable

Advances in heating technology mean that a residential garage heater is surprisingly cost-effective to run. Plus, with regular service, you can keep it running at peak efficiency for many years to come. Compared to something like an electric space heater, it’ll save you a lot of money.

4. Allows you to use your garage all year

If you use your garage as a workshop or hobby space, it can become pretty uninviting during the winter months. However, paying for installation means you can use it as an extension of your home and hook it up to your residential heating system. Doing so gives you a warm garage that you can enjoy all year round.

Also, keeping your garage warm with heating means you can run a refrigerator or freezer out there without issue. Most refrigerators are indoor use only, meaning they have minimum ambient temperature requirements. Installing a heater will keep your garage warm enough for the refrigerator to work properly.

5. It could benefit your wider residential heating system

If your garage shares a connecting wall with other rooms, you might find it sucks the heat out of the building. It’s a common problem in homes without great insulation. However, installing a residential heater in your garage will keep the space warmer, meaning there’s less obvious heat loss through connecting walls.

While it won’t necessarily bring your overall heating bill down, it’ll at least make your home feel warmer.

Garage Heater Installation with Ignite Heating

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