Why Furnace Emergency Service is Crucial During Winter


Picture this: it is the start of the new year! After a long and challenging 2021, you and your family are excited to sit back by the fire, watch movies, and spend quality time with the people in your life that matter the most… indoors, of course! Alberta winter months, especially January, have a track record of being some of the coldest temperatures in Canada. Although Alberta winters can be beautiful, they can also pose a lot of potential home issues for you and your family. Including needing our 24/7 furnace repair.

Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including holidays) to help you if you need an emergency with no heat and furnace repair. We service and repair all makes and models of furnaces and stock minor parts in our vans.

Figuring out if your furnace issue has a legitimate problem and needs an emergency service call can be a hard task. That is why the Ignite team has come up with a few reasons to call our technicians for emergency repairs, especially in the cold Alberta winter season. 

Furnace Repair
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  • Your furnace will simply not turn on
  • On cold Alberta winter nights, it’s imperative that your furnace can properly work to ensure the safety of your loved ones in the home.

    A furnace that won’t turn on is definitely a reason to schedule an emergency repair with the Ignite team. There are a few reasons why your furnace may not be working. Sometimes the cause for failure is simple, such as a general power issue. Other times, the situation could be as serious as a breakdown that requires a complete replacement. Be sure to call the Ignite Heating team as soon as you notice that your furnace won’t turn on. 

    One of the best ways to avoid issues with your furnace is to schedule annual furnace maintenance with the Ignite team. During your furnaces maintenance appointment, our world-class technicians will provide an inspection and a tune-up of your furnace. Doing this may help to eliminate any overarching issues that could cause a potential breakdown later on in your home. Here are some more general benefits of scheduling maintenance:

    • Extended lifespan 
    • Reduced risk of repairs
    • Lower monthly energy bills

  • Your furnace is beginning to overheat
  • When your furnace works too hard it will start to overheat.

    Usually, most furnaces turn off if they are overheating through a sensor. If this sensor is broken, the furnace won’t be able to tell that it is overheating and will continue to run. Many times, furnaces often overheat due to a blockage such as an unchanged dirty filter or debris.

    An overheating furnace in your home is especially dangerous because it can lead to fire hazards and even a breakdown. It may be difficult to tell if your furnace is overheating, which is why we suggest calling our Ignite team. The best way is to pay attention to whether or not it is cycling on and off. If it continues to run without turning off, then it is overheating.

  • Your furnace is generating a burning smell or making funny noises
  • It’s always a good idea to treat an unknown smell or noise from your furnace with caution.

    Schedule an emergency repair with the Ignite team as quite often a smell or noise is the underlying effect of a more significant issue such as a burnt-out blower motor or inducer motor.

    Your home furnace can be a tricky system to understand, especially when you are in high-stress situations where the furnace is an integral part of the functionality of your home in winter. Generally speaking, furnaces tend to not give you too many problems, if there is ever an emergency, it is important to not try and fix your furnace and call in the professionals. 

    Avoid unexpected furnace issues this winter and contact your local Ignite team to set up an appointment today!