5 Tips and Tricks For Running Your A/C Unit

A/C unit maintenance tips

Getting an air conditioning unit is an investment. Properly maintaining your AC will allow it to last longer and work more efficiently, protecting your investment. We understand that not everyone is an HVAC technician, however, we all deserve to know how to get the most out of our air conditioners.

Here are 5 Tips and Tricks For Running Your A/C Unit.

1. Clear the area around your outdoor unit

When you have the Ignite team install air conditioning in your house you will notice a shiny new unit outside. This is the condenser, and it needs room to breathe to operate correctly. Make sure that the area around the condenser is well maintained year-round. Cutting the grass, trimming the shrubs, and other seasonal maintenance surrounding the unit is necessary for optimal AC performance. This will also allow easy access for the Ignite technician who performs the annual tune up.

 2. Change air filters

 Like your furnace, AC units have air filters to maintain good indoor air quality. These filters keep debris out of your home and also contribute to the air conditioning unit’s performance. If the filter has a lot of dust and debris build up, it will make it difficult for cold air to be properly distributed and may cause your AC to be overworked. To maintain the AC’s efficiency and keep the air in your home clean, check and replace your air filter monthly.  

 3. Annual tune ups

 Scheduling annual tune ups are necessary to ensure your air conditioner is in good condition and allows any potential issues to be recognized early. Catching potential problems before they become significant will allow the technician to take care of the issue early, which will lessen the chance of failure later on. Schedule your annual tune up with Ignite to or join our AC Comfort Club today.

 4. Consider the location of your thermostats

 Heat generating appliances like lamps and televisions can cause the thermostat to misread the actual temperature in the home if they are too close. This will cause your thermostat to think your home is warmer than it is, and your AC will work harder to cool your home more than is actually needed. The location of your thermostat is important for accurate reading and maintaining a desired temperature in your home. Keep your thermostat away from hot areas in your home where there may be sun shining in or appliances that emit significant heat.

5. Update older models

If you have an older AC unit, update it with a new Napoleon unit installed by Ignite technicians. Older models use more energy which can cause your monthly utility bills to be higher. Replacing these with new, high efficiency air conditioners will save you money over time and increase cooling efficiency.


Now that you know the Top 5 Tips and Tricks For Running Your A/C Unit and how to have it last a long time, use these tips and tricks. Contact us in Edmonton and Sherwood Park for all your AC installation and maintenance needs.