Can Air Conditioning Clean The Air In My Home?

We all know that Alberta summers can get hot. 

During even the warmest days of the season, you know you can rely on your air conditioner. It works to keep your home cool and your family members happy. But because of the pandemic, many families have found themselves wanting more than just a cool home. They also want a clean home that keeps family members safe and protected. Over the last few years, and coming out of the pandemic, many families have asked us “does your air conditioner help clean the air?” Short answer? Yes. 

In this blog, our Ignite experts will be talking all about air conditioners and air quality! 

Does my air conditioner clean my home’s air? The answer: Yes!

How do Air Conditioner’s Work?

Technically, your air conditioner is really only designed to keep your home cool and at a set temperature. The air conditioner does this through a process that happens between your indoor and outdoor units:

Cooling Your Home: The cooling fluid that makes the air in your home cool moves from the condenser that is located in the outside unit of your house, to the evaporator, located in your house’s inside unit. This helps maintain a steady temperature even on the hottest of days.

Dispersing the Air: The evaporator then evaporates the cooling fluid into a gas. While the cool air is pushed into your home, warm air is sucked out through your indoor unit.

Moving Outside: The warm air is moved back to the outside unit, where it is cooled and the process begins over again. Magic, right?

Although your air conditioner works very hard to keep the heat out of your house, it won’t keep pollutants and debris out of the air—at least, not without the help of a filter!

How Does An Air Conditioner Purify Your Home’s Indoor Air?

Before the air from the air conditioner is dispersed into your home, it passes through an air filter, which pulls out problematic particles that can impact your health such as dirt, dust, bacteria, pet hair, and human hair. The air filter prevents this debris from entering your home, and from being inhaled in by your family. It is an important safety measure in your home.

It is important to note that some air filters sift more debris out of the air than others. You can determine the efficiency of the filter by the MERV scale. The MERV scale ranges from 1 to 20, with higher numbers indicating a more efficient filter. For your home or business, it’s recommended you use filters ranked between 8 and 13. At an 8, your filter will remove pollen, mold, dust, dirt and hair. At a 13, it will remove all of that as well as bacteria and virus particles. The most efficient filter is a HEPA filter, which will filter out 99.7% of particles in the air!

Ignite Heating and Air Conditioning offers home air purification system to remove indoor air contaminants.

The HomeShield™ UV Purification System is another option that might be an ideal choice for your home, offering medical-grade, cost-effective UV light treatment to eliminate pollen, mold spores, dust particles, dander, dust mites, viruses and bacteria from your environment.

With the HomeShield™ UV Purification System you will be able to breathe easier, reduce the harmful effects of allergies, and enjoy a happier, healthier home.

Connect with us today and get a free quote on an air conditioning unit to help clean the air and prevent the proliferation of airborne pathogens, pollen, and other harmful particles in your home.