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Furnace and hot water tank replacements never looked so good!

Top 5 Reason to buy a Napoleon Furnace

1) Canadian Made

  • 750,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Barrie, Ontario

2) Warranty

  • Lifetime Heat Exchangers Limited Warranty – Napoleon will replace the heat exchangers if they fail
  • 10 Year Unit Replacement Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty – Napoleon will replace the whole furnace heat exchangers if they fail within 10 years (this is upgraded to 15 years for the 9700 Series Furnace)
  • 10 Year Parts Limited Warranty

3) Efficiency

  • Two-stage furnace allows for longer calls at 60% of full capacity – this helps to eliminate “cool spots” in your house as there is more warm air moving in your house for a longer period of time
  • Variable speed blower increases the amount of warm air circulating through the ducting system to allow hot air to mix with cold air to ensure that there is no cold air coming out of your supply ducts.
  • Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) blower motor when running your furnace fan continually you will save over 80% in energy cost over your PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor)

blog-image4) Innovative

  • Napoleon’s 9700 series furnace has multiple patents the none of the 7 current furnace makers have thought of, including:
    • Vortex turbulator heat exchanger – maximizes flue gases time in heat exchanger and 100* F hotter than a conventional heat exchanger
    • Sure View burner system- unique view of flames in operation.
    • Built in LED lights!
    • Ultra Violet built in air quality never been seen before

5) Priced right

Very competitively priced compared to similar alternatives – where many other manufacturers offer the two-stage as an upgrade this is standard in the Napoleon 9600 and 9700 Series